About Me

Bio and Work:

Hello, I’m Vane Georgiev. I’m a software developer in Skopje, Macedonia.

I come from one of the most beautiful villages in Macedonia, Kolesino (Kolesino page).

I graduated at Technical Faculty Bitola, Computer Science in 2006.

My interests include mobile app development,  desktop software development, UI design, computer vision, adventures and cooking.

I’m currently working as Lead Windows Developer at motain GmbH (more on CV page).

I’m strongest in C#, since I use it the most, but I also know my way around VB, Action Script and JavaScript.


Past projects:

- Price and Market management software - Seavus

- Telecommunication software - Seavus

- Bank software – OCR recognition => Seavus

- Hospital software => Seavus

- Software Developer and Consultant (Telecommunication application) => Seavus

- Web Developer and Helpdesk (E-Solution – iBank sector) => Pexim Solutions (now Asseco SEE)

- Computer Science Professor =>Agency for employment of R. Macedonia

… more you can find on my CV page


Find me online:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- LinkedIn

- Xing

- Contact page

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